A Burgundy style Pinot Noir from Portugal

Portugal has undergone whirlwind modernization since joining the European Union in 1986. This is reflected nowhere more dramatically than in the Portuguese wine industry where upgrading has become the norm.

Now the region of production is slated on every bottle, estate bottling is catching on, and vintners everywhere are selecting only the finest grape varieties.

For centuries, Portugal has been recognized for certain regions and wines. Port (or Porto as the Portuguese call it) was demarcated and celebrated in the mid-18th century. Madeira was the favorite wine of Colonial America.

A few other regions received official appellations at the beginning of this century such as Dão, Bucelas and Moscatel de Setúbal. Portugal then took a long snooze from promoting its wine regions, only to reawaken with a jolt in the last decade. In 1985 there were 10 demarcated wine regions; now there are 55.

Portugal mapa

From Algarve beaches to the breathtaking mountains of the North, Portugal is a land of contrasts. In between lie verdant floodplains, rolling plains and cork forests, wetland reserves. Today, the country is linked and united as never before by fine new roads, just one sign of the prosperity that has spread across Portugal from the late ‘80s onwards. But tradition still lies at Portugal’s heart.

One of the most dynamic and varied regions is a strip that runs from Lisbon northward along the coast. The Lisboa wine region was until recently known as Estremadura.

Wind is inevitably a strong feature beside the coast, no wonder that these undulating hills bristle with windmills, and no wonder that coastal vines are wind-stressed and hard pressed to ripen their grapes. Just a little way inland, however, a backbone of hill and mountain ranges offers some protection to many eastern parts of the Lisboa region.

There are nine DOC that are already making their way into stores internationally. A lot of wine is made here, much of it in co-operatives, in a very wide variety of styles and qualities,  and there are nine DOC that are already making their way into stores internationally. While there is great quality found in Lisboa most of the wines you’ll find available are affordable and great for everyday drinking.


Located in the Torres Vedras municipality, AdegaMãe shows a clear vocation for the production of unique wines due to its proximity to the sea. The concept of “Mãe” (mother) comes as an inspiration for a place of birth and creation; a place conceived to grow the best grapes and make the best wines.

The productive infrastructure is equipped with modern and sophisticated machinery, combining cutting-edge technology and traditional approach. AdegaMãe is home to approximately 40 hectares of vineyards and sits on the western strip of the territory and everything about it ties back to the defining conditions of the region. 

Inside the cellar they have over 150 carefully selected French and American Oak barrels and the production capacity is somewhere near 1,5 million liters per year. White, red and rosé wines are produced by the winemaking team that is highly dedicated, specialized and led by winemakers Anselmo Mendes and Diogo Lopes.

The nearness of the Atlantic Ocean, calcareous soils, orography of the property and the investment in great grape varieties, both national and international, allow AdegaMãe to develop  truly surprising wines, showing a refreshing natural acidity and a mineral character.

The AdegaMãe Winery comes from the passion for wine that has always been at the core of the Serralves Group. Supported by a modern and innovative architectural project, the AdegaMãe is a strong investment in both the wine industry and wine tourism.


AdegaMãe Pinot Noir 2015, Lisboa

This Pinot Noir from the Lisbon appellation adopts a smooth and light style,  with a profile of red fruits like raspberry, cherry and cranberry, completed by notes of underwood and beetroot.

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