Champagne Tsarine Cuvée Premium

The French language echoes through the palace corridors in Saint Petersburg, Parisian fashion is all the rage, interesting discussions take place on the major works of the age of enlightenment. At this period, Russian high society took a liking to French culture, and especially to its finest illustration: champagne.

Introduced to the court of the Empress Anna Ivanovna, it quickly became the guest of honour at all banquets, especially at the table of Catherine the Great and the highest nobility in the Empire.

Tsarine is the prestige cuvée from Champagne House Chanoine Frères, the second oldest Champagne house. It was founded by brothers Jacques-Louis and Jean-Baptiste Chanoine in 1730 (one year after Ruinart)

Champagne of the Tsars, Tsarine was created in honour of Tsarist Russia (the No.1 export market in the 19th Century). The attractive and unique bottle was inspired by the Kremlin where Tsar were crowned.

It was the first house to be authorised by the city of Epernay to dig a cellar in Champagne.


34% Chardonnay
33% Pinot Meunier
33% Pinot Noir

“The Pinot Noir grape provides the back-bone of our wine, the Pinot Meunier lending softness and fruit aromas, while the Chardonnay grape imparts delicacy and elegance. This is the spirit of the Tsarine range”. Isabelle Tellier Champagne Tsarine Wine – Maker.

The fine, ethereal dance of delicate bubbles rises through the glass in green-gold glints. The aromas are expressed discreetly, slowly: lime blossom and lemon grass mingle with lighter notes of bitter orange and quince.

The freshness and the elegance of this cuvée are confirmed on the palate. The dominant citrus notes combine with the more sophisticated aromas of white peach and Corinth grape.

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