Celler del Roure Cullerot Valencia 2016


When Pablo Calatayud founded Celler del Roure in 1995 he chose as its setting an ancient country estate outside of Moixent. For centuries this was an integrated farm producing grain, almonds, olives, and grapes with unsubtle evidence for the production of olive oil and wine – a large, stone, olive press and extensive subterranean cellar with dozens of intact 17th-century amphorae.

It took a few years of research and restoration but Pablo is using these clay vessels to make wine once again. Cullerot, which means tadpole, is the white that Pablo makes in the old cellar utilizing heirloom and indigenous varieties

🌍 Valencia, Spain

🍇 Verdil30%, Pedro Ximenez30%, Chardonnay20% and Macabeo20%. Certified Organic (CAECV). (Whole cluster press, natural yeast fermentation beginning in a tank and transferred to amphorae to finish fermentation for 6 months.)

👀 Straw yellow in colour.

👃On the nose, there are fruit aromas and herbaceous notes.

👄 On the palate, it is pleasant on entry, fresh with notes of a forest.

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