El Escocés Volante, Es lo que hay 2013

Es lo que hay
The Winemaker is Norrel Robertson MW known as “El escocés volante”. He is based in Aragón, Spain and is dedicated to the production of high-quality wines with a particular focus on the native Garnacha.

High altitude ancient vineyards at 1000 to 1100 meters above sea level with “pizarra” slate and quartzite soils. Completely dry grown and unirrigated this is an inhospitable continental climate with extreme changes of temperature were mountain herbs, almonds, cherry trees and Garnacha form a breathtaking patchwork.

Low annual rainfall of 200-300mm and the remarkable soils produce fine and elegant Garnacha which is punctuated by intense black fruit flavours with complex mineral, smoke and “garrigue” notes.

🌍 Calatayud, Spain

🍇 Garnacha 100%

👀 Impenetrable purple

👃 Pronounced aromas of crushed violets and zarzaparrilla. Intense yet refined with lifted, perfumed fruit and wild mountain herbs.

👄 Full-bodied, with rounded tannins, crisp acidity, and a long mineral finish.

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