Giuaani Mtsvane Qvevri 2016



🍇Mtsvane Qvevri 100 % (Orange Wine)

What is Orange Wine?

To make an orange wine, you first take white grapes, mash them up, and then put them in a large vessel (often cement or ceramic). Then, you typically leave the fermenting grapes alone for four days to sometimes over a year with the skins and seeds still attached.

Orange winemaking is a very natural process that uses little to no additives, sometimes not even yeast. Because of all this, they taste very different from regular white wines and have a sour taste and nuttiness from oxidation.

Khikhvi is a dry amber wine, produced from specially selected Khikhvi grapes using 8000-years-old tradition from the Georgian village of Manavi, located in Sagarejo Region. The full-bodied and well-balanced wine is rich with tannins. Ripe fruits, dried fruits, and plum aromas create excellent harmony.

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