Meinlkang Konkret White 2016

Fermentation with the mash over 28 days in concrete eggs and after pressing aged in them for another year on the fine lees. Unfiltered and vegan.

The Michlits family runs the Meinklang farm which is a wide and varied Demeter-certified agricultural operation cultivating a number of different crops as well as raising 300 Angus cattle. The state represents what used to be common practice everywhere in the Pannonian countryside: a mixed farming operation, managed by the extended family. The wine estate is well integrated into the farm and lead by Angela and Werner Michlits.

🌍 Neusiedlersee, Burgenland, Austria

🍇 Field blend of Red, Yellow, and Gewurztraminer

👀 Slight turbit, medium amber

👃 Medium intensity nose with lychee, peachy, nutty and slightly vegetal.

👄 medium acidity and medium body. Spicy on the palate as all other gewurztraminer, medium length with a spicy lychee finish. It does taste like a beer with lychee.

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