Domaine Elian Da Ros Chante Coucou 2014

Chante coucou

🌍 Côtes du Marmandais, France

🍇 Merlot 50%, Cabernet Sauvignon 20%, Malbec 20%, Syrah 10%

Ver well-structured wine (Malbec, Merlot) with complex and spicy aromas (Syrah) blackcurrant and fresh tobacco leaves (Cabernet Sauvignon).

A gently and respectful vinification of the fruit, followed by a long aging of 20 months in barrels makes possible to obtain a wine with fine and silky tannins.

The clay-gravelly soil brings roundness to tannins. Chante Coucou is a wine to keep in the cellar, but if it is drunk young is better to decant it to help it to open and to express themselves. 2014 is a vintage with a beautiful aromatic freshness and a silky texture.

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