Luca Double Select Syrah 2015

🌎 Mendoza, Argentina

🍇 Syrah 100%

Laura Catena has a vision of creating a new breed of Argentine wines: small quantities, artisan quality, and true to their individual terroirs.

She starts with some of Argentina’s best fruit from low-yield, high elevation vineyards. State-of-the-art winemaking and oak aging (primarily French) elevate the wines to a quality level demanded by true wine connoisseurs.

They are the ultimate expression of rigorous vineyard management, viticultural experimentation, strict irrigation controls, skilled winemaking, and a quest for quality at any cost.

This dry and purplish coloured red showcases a complex nose releasing balsamic, woody, empyreumatic, spicy, floral and fruity scents. Full-bodied wine revealing a broad texture, fleshy tannins, and long finish.

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