Cuesta Chica Viñedos de Alcohuaz 2017

🌍 Elqui Valley, Chile

🍇 Garnacha 100% (Farmed both organically and biodynamically)

The Elqui Valley forms a corridor between the cool Pacific of northern Chile and the Andean mountains in the east of the country. The grapes for this Grenache come from a single vineyard at 2200 meters. Up here summers are hot and sunny, winters cold, and the daily diurnal temperature range is extreme.

Rainfall can be as low as 100mm per year. Soils are decomposed granite from the Andes with high mineral content. All these factors combined lead to thick-skinned grapes.

The grapes are foot trodden in stone lagares prior to vinification, necessary to gently extract the flavours, and tannins from the thick-skinned grapes.

Fermentation is with wild yeast and the wines are then aged in concrete eggs for 23 months. Made naturally with no other additives.

cuesta chica
👀 Intense ruby with violet tone

👃Juicy and aromatic with red fruits, cherry, caramel, tobacco, blueberries and a floral lift.

👄 Bright fruit on the palate. Dry, fresh acidity, integrated alcohol, light body with lovely fine tannins.

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