Carm SO2 Free Douro 2016

The Roboredo Madeira family has cultivated the land since the 17th Century. (Their last name has nothing to do with the island, but it means wood). The brand and company name CARM stands for Casa Agrícola Roboredo Madeira.

The head winemaker António Joaquim Magalhães Ribeiro is an innovator. Non-sulphur is one example, CARM SO2 free is the only non-sulphur added wine from Portugal according to António Ribeiro, the wine holds nothing but the natural sulphur produced during fermentation.

The idea to make a sulphur free wine came from the owner’s son, who discovered that his favourite wine during a wine tasting was made without any sulphur added. Some research and experiments followed, then the first vintage of CARM SO2 free was presented in 2009.

Carm So2

🌍 Douro, Portugal
🍇 Touriga Nacional 100 %

Tasting notes:

👀 A very dense purple colour.

👃 Medium intensity on the nose. Very concentrated aromas of blackberries and blueberries with a pinch of spicy herbs, green pepper and light floral notes.

👄Medium bodied with fresh acidity and smooth tannins. Very fruity on the palate with blackberries and sloes. Long aftertaste with a blackberries touch, and some grains from the pepper mill. Lovely freshness, with palate embracing fruitiness and concentration.

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