Domaine Grosbois, Gabare, Chinon 2017

Domaine Grosbois, family owned since 1820, can trace its connection to the land as far back as the French Revolution. It is located in the appellation of Chinon in Touraine, nestled in the Loire valley on a 9ha estate.

Today the estate is fronted by Nicolas Grosbois, who in 2008 crafted a range of seven different types of Cabernet Franc, based on the unique soil characteristics of 13 plots. These comprise clay soils on limestone bedrock, with the vines on average 40 years old.


🌍 Chinon, Loire, France
🍇 Cabernet Franc 100%

Tasting notes:

👃 Dark fruit, concentrated, black cherry compote and blackcurrant. Fresh, bright, pure, defined, ripe, grained, elegant and energetic.

👄 An excellent young Chinon, fresh, composed, complete, with so much potential. Perhaps up to 12 to 24 months in bottle to help it come together with a little more, otherwise, this is good to go.

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