Emile Beyer Eichberg Grand Cru 

The family Beyer has been an important part of the wine business in Colmar for many centuries, and has been in the village since the late 1500’s. Today there are two main branches of the family. On one of the branches are Christian Beyer and his domaine Emile Beyer, who represents the 14th generation of wine growers.

Emile Beyer is located in the heart of the Alsace wine region, in the charming village of Eguisheim, the birthplace and very heart of Alsace wine production. The region is a mosaic composed of chalky marl, sandstone and clay in varying proportions from one plot to the next.

Alsace, France
Riesling 100%. Organic wine

The Grand Cru of Eichberg is southwest of the village of Eguisheim, and situated on two gentle slopes with southeast exposure. Totaling just under 58 ha, this is one of the warmer and drier Grand Cru sites in Alsace.

A touch of linden blossom precedes the fresh fragrant lemon and citrus hints. Fresh and lively attack, with a bright pure lemon freshness that expands with its citric allure across mouth. There is a massive, very direct acidity that balance the residual sugar.

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