Viñedos Encinillas Megacero 2016

Encinillas wines are produced in the hull of La Hacienda de Encinillas, located next to the old Camino Real (recently declared a World Heritage Site) a trail that communicated Mexico City with Santa Fe, New Mexico, today still a present vestige that keeps us attentive to its history.

The terroir of which the Encinillas Valley enjoys is defined by the clay-gravel soil of the vineyard and the favourable climatic conditions that occur at 1,560 meters of height. A unique quality in the grape is achieved, which allows to produce exceptional wines of great distinction.

Chihuahua, Mexico
🍇 Merlot 44%, Shiraz 34%, Cabernet Sauvignon 22%

Intense and deep dark cherry colour

Intense and complex aromas of red flowers, black fruits in compote, figs, plum, licorice, vanilla, roasted coffee beans, dark chocolate, balsamic notes.

Round velvety tannins, in balance with and excellent acidity. Good alcohol sensation. Long and pleasant aftertaste persistence. Great integration of fruit and oak. In my opinion, this winery is making very good wines.

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