Weingut Pittnauer Pitti 2017

Burgenland is a large wine-producing region on the eastern border of Austria with an unrivalled diversity. This region is renowned for the production of some of the world’s finest white wines, but also for producing some of the richest and most full-bodied red wines in Austria using local indigenous varieties.

Weingut Pittnauer is a family business led since the mid 80s by Gerhard Pittnauer. Then 18 years old, he had to train himself to make wine in the midst of scandal and chaos in the Austrian wine market.

He chose to farm the indigenous grapes of the region. He thinks to ‘grow’ wine rather than to ‘make’ it in the cellar. Gerhard and his wife Brigitte decided to create what they call living wines. All work is done manually from composting to pruning. There is no calendar that drives them. Nothing is rushed: they believe in quality over speed. They taste for perfect ripeness, select the cleanest grapes, and begin the wine in the cellar in response to the conditions of the vintage.

Burgenland, Austria
Blaufränkisch 50%, Zweigelt 50%. Organic wine

Pitti opens with an intense expression of black berries, ripe black fruits with hints of black pepper. Fruity, elegant, and crunchy attack, with notes of blackberries followed by a long dry peppery finish.

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