Drappier Brut Nature Rosé

After almost 3 years I left my second home and a lot of friends and colleagues, it’s not the end, only the beginning, and for celebrate my boss opened a great bottle of champagne.

Drappier is a Champagne producer based in the Urville region of Champagne. The house, founded in 1808, produces both vintage and non-vintage cuvée as well as a prestige wine known as Grande Sendrée. Drappier is considered one of the finest boutique champagne producers in the world, this is because of the cellars where they store the wine, which are among the oldest and most extensive in Europe and also were the only cellars that weren’t damaged during the two world wars or the fires that raced through the area in the 1950s. Drappier is known for using significantly less sulphur in their wine than many other Champagne producers.

Drappier Rosé
🌍 France, Champagne
🍇 Pinot Noir 100%, Zéro dosage

Great Champagne very evocative of cherries, strawberries, berries and raspberry with floral notes of rose petals and patisserie. On the palate recalls red fruits and is augmented by hints of citrus fruit, tangerine, grapefruit, orange, lemon and a small, very refined touch of white pepper and spices.

We need to celebrate more every day of our lives, CHEERS!!


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