Tio Pancho Romano 1728

Which is the oldest wine you have tasted??

Last year I had the chance to taste at @somm360 the Tío Pancho Romano, a wine which dates back to 1728 and the oldest documented wine in the González Byass cellars, and I’m so lucky that I had a private visit with Antonio Flores to see the last “bota” available in the world.

This unique wine comes from the Solera Trafalgar purchased in 1805 by the founders of the winery, predating the firm’s foundation in 1835. Guillermo Cruz Alcubierre head Sommelier of Mugaritz shared with the best Sommelier’s of 20 different countries this jewel.

Tio Pancho spoon

Almost black, stains the spoon, viscous, intense, incredible balance and smoothness, absolutely delicious, served in pipettes on a spoon as quantities are so limited. Drops of history in a bottle.

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