The Sherry Revolution


Temperance and wisdom emerge in the Collection Finos Palmas by González Byass, which represents, as reflected in the labels for the season: “the Ages of Tío Pepe”.

But what are Palmas?

Palmas are designations that, as Manuel María González-Gordon defines in his book “Jerez-Xerez-Sherry”, are applied to those sherry fino wines that excel because of their cleanliness, finesse and delicacy in flavour, the number of palmas awarded being proportional to their level of ageing.

These wines result from the enormous task of selecting and classifying (by ageing time and delicacy) the best fino wines that the company has being carrying out since 1880.


Tío Pepe Una Palma 
The splendour of the flor yeast veil, pale gold hues, an elegant nose and distinctly saline notes. Its solera, with more than 6 years of biological ageing.

Tío Pepe Dos Palmas 
A fino wine with a long 8 years ageing under its flor veil, a yeast layer that marks the character of this exceptional wine in which the albariza soils and the dark cellars are truly present.

Tío Pepe Tres Palmas
Fino Tres Palmas can be defined as the perfect evolution of Tío Pepe poured into a glass. Its 10 years of ageing under the flor yeast layer lend it a unique personality.

Tío Pepe Cuatro Palmas
The quietness and peace of the Tío Pepe cellars have delicately guarded this Very Old Amontillado. 52 years where a thorough selection (where the very origins of Tío Pepe can still be felt) have been the keys for the making of this cult wine.

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