Cuna de Tierra, first winery in Guanajuato

Known as Cuna de Tierra, Bodegas Vega Manchón is the oldest vineyard in Dolores Hidalgo, Guanajuato located at 337km from Mexico City. They led the resurgence of wine making in the area, producing their first wine in 2005 from old French varietal vines planted on the ranch in the early 90’s by friends Don Juan Manchón and Don Ignacio Vega.

Their first wine sold to the public was made in 2008 and the Cuna de Tierra Bicentenario label was launched in 2010. Actually they produce about 90,000 bottles each year. Their wines are exported internationally, with a large amount going to England, China, and Holland.

They are constantly experimenting with new grape varietals and improving ways to grow them. The varietals are spread out over three different areas of the vineyard that display three independent microclimates based on sun, soil, etc. These different growing conditions impart unique qualities to the grapes which creates a more rounded, balanced wine when blended together.

Cuna de Tierra Winery

Cuna de Tierra seems to have received as much attention for its architecture as it has for its wine. Designed by Mexican architects Ignacio Urquiza Seoane and Bernardo Quinzaños Oria, the new winery was completed in 2013. The winery was designed to reflect the name Cuna de Tierra, which means “Cradle of Earth” and embodies the importance of the soil in the growth of the grape vines. The buildings echo the natural landscape, with walls constructed of soil, native wood, and lots of natural light.

Cuna de Tierra Vino Tinto 2015

Cuna de Tierra Vino tinto 2015

Interesting blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah and Cabernet Franc, aged in American and Hungarian for 12 months. On the nose, the wine has aromas of ripe red fruits, dark chocolate, cinnamon, black pepper and oak.

On the mouth the wine is dry, with medium acidity, medium round tannins and medium (+) alcohol. The wine presents a complexe intensity of flavours of strawberry, redcherry, chocolate, spices and oak, with a medium length.

The wine is ready to drink but it could age for 3 to 5 years. Cuna de Tierra is the perfect wine to match with tacos de carnitas, grilled meats and wild boar.

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