Sino da Romaneira 2017

The Sino, meaning “bell” in Portugese, pays homage to Romaneira’s history by referencing the bell that hangs above the door of the quinta.

Romaneira is one of the largest estates on the region, with a total of 412 hectares and 3 kilometers of river frontage on the river Douro and is widely considered one of the Douro Valley’s most breathtaking estates. 

The winery began producing port in 1872, but was not legally allowed to bottle under its own name until 1986 when DO changes gave single quintas the authority to do so. The entire Romaneira vineyard estate is classified “A” (the highest mark that can be obtained in the Douro) and the house focuses almost completely on unfortified dry wines and vintage style port.

The vineyards are planted on terraces on the steeply sloping hills of the property: with many valleys and promontories, Romaneira contains several microclimates and various South Easterly, South Westerly and Southern facing slopes. The resulting diversity means that the single vineyard wines of Romaneira are made from grapes from a complex blend of sites, and this is one of the keys to the quality and character of Romaneira wines.

Touriga Francesa 50%, Tinta Roriz 30%, Touriga Nacional 10%, Tinto Cão 10%.
Aged in oak for a period of 10 months

2017 was characterised by a cold, dry winter followed by an exceptionally hot and dry spring and summer. June was the hottest month since 1980, with temperatures reaching 42-44°C in the Douro Valley during a heat wave lasting from 7 to 24 June.

The Sino 2017 is fresh and elegant with a very seductive expression of the Douro terroir.  Fine and delicate nose of red fruits with floral and spicy notes of black pepper and rose petals characteristics of the great Douro grape varieties of Touriga and Tinta Roriz. Well balanced, smooth and fresh with a harmonious long finish

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