Amaren, the minimal intervention wines from Rioja

Amaren began with the 1995 vintage as a tribute to Ángeles, the mother of the cellar owner Juan Luis Cañas, who currently guides the family’s winery. AMAREN, which means “of the mother” in Basque, was the first wine conceived, made and sold by Bodegas Luis Cañas to position itself among the most outstanding wines in…

Amaren Reserva 60

🌍 Rioja, Spain 🍇 Tempranillo 100% 👀 Cherry deep colour with great depth 👃 Elegant, complex, subtle, with fine woods, leather, and a little mineral aspect. Ripe fruit, red fruit preserves, some hint of cream and spicy side, also cinnamon and some pepper, cedarwood, liqueur chocolates, and graphite.