Fritsch Materia Prima 2017

For decades, the Fritsch family has been the driving force behind quality winegrowing on the Wagram . Grüner Veltliner, which occupies one third of the vineyard, Riesling and Zweigelt are the main varieties. Pinot Noir is “a matter of the heart” for Karl Fritsch, he can show him all his skills. His efforts were rewarded…

Dominio de Punctum 20 000 Leguas 2018 Amber Wine

Situated in the town of Las Pedroñeras and at the north end of La Mancha, the main Spanish wine region, Dominio de Punctum distinguishes itself by its exclusive estate production and the singularity of its organic and biodynamic wines. Founded and owned by the Fernandez family, “Finca Fabian” estate currently includes over 200 hectares of vineyards….

Meinlkang Konkret White 2016

Fermentation with the mash over 28 days in concrete eggs and after pressing aged in them for another year on the fine lees. Unfiltered and vegan. The Michlits family runs the Meinklang farm which is a wide and varied Demeter-certified agricultural operation cultivating a number of different crops as well as raising 300 Angus cattle….

Giuaani Mtsvane Qvevri 2016

🌍Georgia 🍇Mtsvane Qvevri 100 % (Orange Wine) What is Orange Wine? To make an orange wine, you first take white grapes, mash them up, and then put them in a large vessel (often cement or ceramic). Then, you typically leave the fermenting grapes alone for four days to sometimes over a year with the skins…