Leyda Sauvignon Blanc Reserva 2020

Do you know that the first Friday in May is the International Sauvignon Blanc Day?

In order to celebrate let’s talk about a little bit more about this grape and discover the amazing Leyda Reserva from Chili.

Zesty, fragrant sauvignon blanc  is probably the most popular white wine variety in the world right now. In general, sauvignon blanc is used to make dry wines, distinctive for their fresh acidity and beautiful perfume.

In cooler climates the wines often have bright citrus and mineral notes combined with a green nettle character (Loire and Bordeaux). Oak ageing, lees stirring and malolactic fermentation can also produce sauvignons that are rounded rich and full (Graves and Pessac-Léognan) and when blended with semillion, can be used to create the lusciously sweet dessert wines of Sauternes and Barsac.

Outside of the old world, sauvignon blanc has found its second home in New Zealand, particularly Marlborough, whose vibrant, pungent wines helped put this country on the winemaking map in the 1980s. It is also found in the cooler, often maritime-influenced, regions of Australia, South Africa and Chile.

For today’s sybarites who enjoy rewarding themselves, Leyda is the pioneering award-winning boutique winery from the Leyda Valley, that offers exceptionally fresh Cool Coastal Chilean wines, born of the closest vineyards to the Pacific Ocean.

Pronounced aromatic intensity with a wide array of aromas such as herbal notes, grapefruit, mandarin, guava and passion fruit. In mouth, a sharp, crisp acidity that is refreshing, with a light texture and a beautiful bitterness. This is the perfect wine to pair with fresh seafood, salmon tartare, grilled shrimp scallops and salads.

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