Megalomaniac Eccentric Savagnin 2016

Original in product, bold in flavours, and audacious in branding, Megalomaniac crafts wines of distinction—but with a touch of sass. Starting out in 2007 as a single vintage, the Niagara based winery has rapidly grown into a 40,000 case operation.

Owned and operated by John Howard, Megalomaniac began as a retirement project to help raise funds for the Kids’ Health Links Foundation. After the original vintage sold out within 90 days, Howard realized the impact the program might have and the idea of expanding nationally became a strategic opportunity. A second vintage was launched, and since then neither the winery nor the foundation has looked back.

The bottles feature a series of faceless executives wearing the iconic bowler hat accompanied by a unique title generally associated with the Megalomaniac brand. The name itself comes from a brief story that can be found on the back of each bottle.

Today, guests experience the Megalomaniac portfolio within a newly constructed establishment built above the original cellar. While the cellar and upper balcony remain accessible by tour, the new building, completed in 2014, features a series of glass walls encompassing the tasting bar and retail area. Here, customers can come and enjoy all Megalomaniac has to offer, a truly Canadian, all-encompassing Niagara wine experience.

meg·a·lo·ma·ni·ac/noun: overestimation of one’s physical and mental prowess, of one’s power; madness; delusions of grandeur.
I originally wanted to christen these wines in my name, John Howard…and then my good friends accused me of being yet another “(profanity withheld) megalomaniac”.
Regrettably, the name stuck.

Savagnin, until recently, was grown almost exclusively in the tiny French appellation of Jura. This local version from John Howard is unique in its own way but is clearly celebrating the Jura style.

Though in its fun traditional bottle, this wine style is a world away from the “Vin Jaune” Savagnin. Typically heavily oxidized and often aged under flor yeast quite reminiscent of sherry, it’s quite interesting to evaluate and enjoy the natural expression of Savagnin.

A crisp dry Savagnin with a bouquet of sweet pear, starfruit, nettles, white blossoms and sweet herbs. Dry, crisp, impactfully flavourful. Surprising and enticing, with a long, complex, evolving finish. Pair withOntario Pickerel, seafood pasta, or green salad with grilled scallops.

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