Altolandon Manchuela 2010

Syrah 50%, Cabernet franc 25% and Grenache 25%. 24 months in oak.

Altolandon wine is full-bodied, tannic, fresh as well. Complexe nose, with ripe fruit, barely toast from wood, aromatic herbs, earthy and med finish reminding fruit in liquor and balsamic.

Years in the cellar do not seem to alter this wine which remains as colorful and intense as in the early days.

Altolandon viñedos y bodegas is located in Landete, between three provinces: Valencia, Cuenca and Teruel.

Their philosophy is make quality wines with organic grapes, and the key here is the altitude, that gives the perfect conditions to produce high quality wines.

Perched at over 1,100 meters above sea level, the vineyard of Alto Landon spans over 120 hectares of land where local varietals grow next to international ones, all perfectly adapted to each type of soils.

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