Ca’di Rajo Lemmos Glera Frizzante

Ca’ di Rajo is a winery immersed in the valley and surrounded by vineyards, strictly suitable for the production of both still and sparkling wines. The winery, built in a modern style but respectful of the traditional architecture of the Piave area, is equipped with modern facilities for winemaking.

Mixing the history and the tradition of the territory with innovation, careful and wise hands transform the fruits of this land into high-quality wines.

🌍 Valdobbiadene, Italy

🍇 Glera 100% (Fermentation in the bottle with indigenous yeast in the bloom. Méthode ancestrale)

👀 Straw yellow with green highlights. Slightly cloudy due to the presence of yeast

👃 Intense aroma of bread crust, yeast, Acacia flowers, with particular notes of apple, lemon, and grapefruit.

👄 Fresh with good structure. It is pleasant and harmonious on the palate.


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